Dear children,

Liam and Payten,

It’s Mother’s Day 2016.  My one request was to spend the whole entire day with both of you, playing outside in the mud, coloring and playing cars.  My only other request was to get some photos of us as I’m usually the one behind the lens.

Liam, you are the one who made me a mother.  Those nine months carrying you were the scariest.  I didn’t know what to expect and was full of anxiety the entire nine months.  I prayed every day for a healthy baby.  And that day you were born, December 9, 2012, you were instantly perfect. I can’t believe that you are three and growing so fast.  You idolize your father in this stage of life and are constantly asking him what he’s doing, even if he’s just eating dinner with a fork versus a spoon.  The other day you guys even had on matching outfits from the shirt to the shoes.  You are a brave little boy with so much to give the world.  You have started to develop friendships and are such a great big brother to Payten, always looking out for her best interest.

Payten, you are so beautiful and are growing into such a fun and loving little monster.  Bringing you into this world has completed our family and have made life as a family of four so enjoyable.  You are talking up a storm, even surpassing your brother at times and you find enjoyment in all the little things.  You can see a rock and have so much fun throwing it, painting it, collecting them in a bucket. Your other obsession right now is water.  It calms you and you really feel at peace when you are around it.  I’m anxious to see you at the pool this summer.  You always look out for your bubby even if he doesn’t need it, like when you say you want applesauce and then insist one for Liam when he’s yelling from the other room that he doesn’t want one. You are so fun and funny and we all love being around you.

Liam and Payten, you both make me so proud and I thank the Lord every day for making me your mom. I may not always have the energy to keep up with you and I may have my patience tested at times but my love for you will always be so strong. You two are the light of my world and the job I love doing day in and day out is being your mom.  Being a part of this family your father and I created is my favorite thing in this world.  I love you guys to the moon and back and thanks for making me such a happy mom on this Mother’s Day and every day in between.

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