DIY Wall Chalkboard

We had this large unused wall in our kitchen.  It’s across from the refrigerator and between the entryway hallway and the dining room that we turned into an office.  I want to close off this wall to the office and add in more cabinetry for the kitchen but 1. that is long term and 2. I still need to convince Andy that is the best move. So for the large wall we decided to do a huge chalkboard wall.
There are so many tutorials online so I simply did my research to determine my method.  My first option (and the easiest and the one we went with) was to just paint the chalkboard paint on the wall.  I had reservations about that as I normally do with anything permanent.  My second option was to by a thin piece of plywood, sand it down, prime it, paint it, hang it on the wall and then add trim. It was a lot of extra work and after researching chalkboard paint I learned that you can simply sand off the chalkboard paint if you decide you do not want it anymore.  So I took the cheap route.  
Like all projects in our house, this one started at 10 PM on a Sunday night. I first started by taping out how large I wanted my board. I then filled any nail holes and gave it an overall light sanding.  After wiping the dust away from the sanding, I applied three coats of Rust-Oleum flat black chalkboard paint. 

We then purchased some 2″ trim and stained it my favorite blend, dark walnut with a top coat of Rust-Oleum’s driftwood stain.  It softens the dark walnut and really gives it such a great color.

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