Look for Less – May

After I lost all of my baby weight from Payten (which took about 12 months and 50+ pounds later), I’ve dedicated more of my time and resources money to fashion.  My body shape was different after two children and my muscles fat sort of shifted to different places on my body.  My form fitted shirts didn’t look as flattering on me anymore and fit and flare dresses were my new favorite #hidethoseladylumps.  With this, I’ve started following so many different fashion bloggers.  It’s a favorite past time these days to see what the new trends are and staying current on my favorite celebrities new fashion lines #ivypark.  With that though comes a price tag. Fashion bloggers get compensated for promoting brands and stores so often times I find the looks I love are out of my price range.  So when I find a piece I absolutely love, I source other stores for similar items.  So here are my May picks for less.  Most of these items (all except the dresses) I own the cheaper option and are very much what I consider staples for my spring and summer wardrobe.  They can be mixed and matched with other pieces to give your closet a variety.
Chiffon Maxi Dress High | Low
Blue Print Chiffon Maxi Dress High | Low
Tassel Pendant Necklace High | Low
Bar Pendant Necklace High | Low


Nude Wedge Sandal High | Low (here’s another low option in black)
Leopard Pump High | Low
Nude Wedge Sandal High | Low
What are some of your spring/summer closet additions? Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? Has anyone ever tried it? It’s where you basically pick a number and that is how many items of clothing you have to wear and alternate for that season.  All these picks above would be great additions as you can pair them with almost anything.

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