Liam’s 3rd Birthday – 1st Party

Liam turned 3 this past December, almost 4 months ago.  We did something unusual this year and threw him 3 different parties.  With his birthday in December, it’s hard to get together with all the holiday festivities.  So in order to commemorate his 3 years of life, we decided on 3 parties.  First party was with Liam’s friends at Miss Carrie’s house.  Carrie is the home sitter located in our neighborhood that Liam has been going to since he was 9 months old.  He loves it there and has made some really awesome friends.  They are his buddies, his companions, his squad.  In fact, this year, Payten is the only girl that goes to Miss Carries.  There is currently Liam and Payten, Dominic and Jude (brothers, Jude is almost 5 and Dom is 4 months younger than Liam), Cane (about 6 months older than Liam), Jacob (6), and baby Gavin (who is 9 months and also our neighbor across the street).  L and P love going to Carries and they all have so much fun together so when it came to the subject of celebrating Liam’s 3rd birthday, I knew I wanted to take the day off to celebrate with Liam’s friends.  What I didn’t expect was the day before his birthday, getting a phone call from Carrie around 4:30 PM. Payten had climbed up on the kitchen chair, was standing up when the chair fell back and hit the floor.  Fortunately, the only injury was P pinching her finger between the chair and the floor.  Unfortunately, it was a very deep cut that required and X-ray, anesthesia and stitches.  We were fortunate that there was no fractured bone but I will never forget that night taking her to Children’s.

Back to Liam’s birthday.  The morning after P’s long hospital night, we had a late start to festivities.  We started the day at Entertrainment Junction but because we were running late, we just opted for the free holiday train exhibit.  We then headed over to grab a cookie cake and while we were at the mall, made a stop to see Santa.  We then headed over to Carrie’s for lunch and cake.  Poor P was not really in the mood for fun so she opted out of all the photos.

My goal for the next two days is to get through editing Liam’s other two parties and share them here.

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