Ikea Play Kitchen Hack

The big gift this past Christmas was an Ikea play kitchen.  There are a million of ways to hack an Ikea play kitchen, simply search Pinterest or Google images and you’ll find all sort of creative ideas.  I decided early on with this kitchen that I wanted to paint it white with marble and gold accents.  It’s my dream kitchen but the kitchen I’ll never have.  Marble scratches and stains easy.  It’s not practical in a kitchen that I own.  I’m not careful and with children who love to paint and eat popsicles, it’s not ever going to happen.  I’m ok with that but this kitchen is my chance to make my dream kitchen become a reality.

This kitchen was so easy to make over.  Most of the pieces were already white so the painting was minimal.  Although, if I were to do it again, I would paint all pieces first prior to putting together.

My favorite gold spray paint – Krylon Metallic Gold. Hands down.

For the marbled countertop, I found this marbled contact paper on amazon for cheap.  I was so nervous to pull the trigger as I couldn’t tell if it would look too fake but it’s aaahhhhmazing.  I joke with Andy that I want to use the remaining contact paper for our island it’s that good.


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