Gatlinburg Recap

During Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we went down to TN to visit my SIL.  We stayed one night at my SIL’s house and the next night at a cabin in Gatlinburg.

It was a short one night trip but it was so refreshing to get away and just let the kids play.  First, we started the weekend watching my niece and nephew play in their ball games.  I went to Josey’s game with my MIL and Payten and Andy went to Colton’s game with Liam.  Sorry Colton, I have no photos of you.

After the games, we headed to a cabin where literally all we did was soak in the hot tub and played games.

 There was also an epic bubble bath.

We did venture out for a small hike.  It was snowing, and lunchtime and right in the middle of Payten’s nap (literally we woke her up to hike and she fell back asleep the second she hit the car).

After the hike, the rest of our day was filled with games with cousins and awesome dance parties.  We left for Cincinnati this night at 7PM so it was a fun filled day spent with awesome cousins.  I know my kids were exhausted, which made for an easy drive home.

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