Foyer Updates

Our foyer before. It has clean lines but overall lacking on the personality side.

This is currently it’s third paint color and I’ve found over time that I love light muted walls with pops of color in the accessories. Before this color, the walls were a darker blue but it just drowned out the light, and that’s one thing that I need a lot of, natural light.

I love the color white but the contrast of the front door with the wall paint color was wearing on me.  So when Andy was out of town for a school trip, I took it upon myself to make an executive decision and give our foyer a little makeover.

Here’s the after.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy in a satin finish.

In total I only applied 2 coats and it’s amazing the results.  It brings so much needed drama to our entry way and I’m so surprised it took us me this long to do.  We are not fans of our front door, just not our style so this is a great cheap alternative to dress up your door and bring some personality to your home.

The picture frames also got some updates.  I bought these brackets from Lowe’s and just super glued them to the corners of the frames. I haven’t yet had a chance to drill in the screws but I honestly love them without the screws.

Ignore the off-centered wreath.  I have toddlers who slam every door.

And here’s P after she’s had her daily red popsicle.

My favorite part of this project was ordering new pictures to update this wall.
And now obligatory blog pics for the grandparents.
Here’s a recap of the pictures hanging in our entry way.

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