Favorite Friday Picks 2.19.16

Another weekly rendition of what I’m loving this week.
1 – Spring is coming and I know pretty much every one in Ohio is counting down.  Here’s an iPhone wallpaper I recently downloaded to get me into that spring weather spirit. 30 days people!
2 – I have always told Andy I’ve wanted a white kitchen.  Our cabinets are slowly falling apart and I think one day Andy will give me the ok to paint them.  However, I’m now doubting the white.  I have two children 3 and under and a dog that sheds and weighs more than me.  I can’t get over this kitchen makeover.  Tessa, start swooning with me.
3 – I lost my bar necklace this past fall and every day I miss it.  I’m putting this on my wish list for next Christmas…or my birthday. #hint #hint
4 – Speaking of birthdays, I have one coming up.  It’s my big 3-0 and for some reason I’m feeling very odd about it.  I’m thinking baking and decorating a cake is just the therapy I may need. 
5 – And since we are on the topic of birthdays, I also wouldn’t mind this pendent necklace.  I’m usually not a bold color jewelry person but Kendra Scott pretty much doesn’t make a piece of jewelry I don’t like.

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