Valentine Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers

Practice sensory motor skills with your children.  That’s what all of Pinterest and “doctors” say to mothers.  I know I’ve struggled a lot with finding activities for my children while also thinking about what skills they need to learn and what skills I should be teaching them.  I have a lot of regret for not “teaching” my kids more. I’ve let this guilt go piece by piece, a little each day and just realized that all my children want from me is my time, attention and love.  I try to find little activities to do with them when I have the time or energy.  My kids also love messes so I’ve learned to let go of spills knowing I can always clean them up.  I recently bought some valentine sprinkles on my last trip to Kroger and came home to raid my pantry with things I can put sprinkles on. Scratch that, things my kids can put sprinkles on.  See Pinterest, I can think of sensory motor skill activities to do with my children.  Warning, this is messy.

Here’s what we’re making:

I first started by laying out two sheets of parchment paper with graham crackers and vanilla wafers, two of my children’s favorite snacks.  Then I poured some sprinkles into an egg tray to hold the sprinkles, this is great making the kids use their fingers to pick up small objects and place on the graham crackers.  Granted, they did more eating than decorating.  Note to self, do this post dinner next time.

This is an easy recipe, grab some crackers from your pantry, melt some chocolate and pour on the sprinkles.

Once the kids were done “decorating”, it was my turn.  I’ve had this heart shaped ice tray for awhile now.  I’m thinking I got it at Ikea some time ago for a bridal shower but have only used it once.  I layered some sprinkles down and then poured some melted chocolate into the tray.

Once the chocolate is in, I lightly shook the tray to disperse the chocolate evenly.  Let sit for 20 minutes and they pop right out.

So easy and very delicious.  What are your favorite Valentine sweets? I’d love to know so I can try some new recipes with the kids.

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