Toddler Crafts – Valentine Stick People

This Valentine’s craft is so easy. So easy that I gave my kids a popsicle and while they were eating them I cut some paper hearts out.  When they were done with their popsicle, I washed the sticks and taped them to the back of the paper hearts.  Talk about a mommy moment using what you have on hand.

I then took out the glue and supplies and let them direct me with what they wanted.  I did make them put eyes on the hearts but they got to tell me where they wanted them.

There is really no explaining necessary for this project.  The toddlers do all the work and you moms can just sit back and observe.

I got in on the action in the end.  The thing I love about these stick hearts is that they are great for dressing up your houseplants.  It’s Liam’s job right now to water all our house plants every Saturday morning so it’s fun to see him get a kick out of his heart people that are in the plants.

I don’t do much decorating for Valentine’s day but mainly decorate our kitchen.  The paper heart garland I created a few years back for a bridal shower and the heart wreath was another Pinterest DIY I created a few years ago.  Each year I add one new thing.  That’s pretty much my motto for any holiday decor.  I shop when the holiday is over for the deep discounts and limit myself to a budget.  Valentine’s day might be a $10 budget.  It doesn’t have to be a large budget but over the years your decor will add up.  This also helps me in only purchasing those items I’m absolutely in love with so that I won’t grow tired of them through the years.  It’s all about purposeful spending.


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