Toddler Crafts – Valentine Window Clings

I love Valentine’s day.  I don’t really know why I love it as much as I do but every year I do crafts with the kids, bake some yummy treats and make them take themed pictures.  So this week I’m going to present all things Valentines and what we are doing in our house.  Today is a fun Valentine’s craft I came across the other day.

The best part about this craft is you can use what you have on hand.  I have clear contact paper on hand, don’t ask why, so if you don’t, this project may be a few bucks.  Here’s what I used: construction paper, painters tape, glitter, feathers, scissors and contact paper.  Even if all you have is glitter or construction paper, you can use a paper punch to get different shapes with construction paper.
My favorite part of this project were these gems.  Did you guys ever create with these when you were younger? They were my favorite thing to glue to cards, etc.  My cousins and I were pen pals when we were younger because mail was so fun to send and receive.  I should probably start sending letters again soon.  No one does that anymore.
I simply folded the construction paper in half vertically and cut a heart out with scissors.  I then cut the center of the heart out while the paper was folded.  Then take your heart and place on a piece of contact paper.
I soon realized that painters tape was a must for toddlers.  It’s a giant sticker they are sticking things onto so was difficult for them not to touch anything but the piece they are placing down.  Painters tape will hold the contact paper heart to the table.  Then lay out your gems and let your littles go to town.

When they are done with their hearts, which for Liam it was about 5 minutes, take another piece of contact paper and place on top of the heart to “lock in” all the glitter and embellishments.  Then simply trim the outside of the heart with scissors.

To adhere these to the window, I simply used double sided tape.  It worked like a charm.
Obligatory cheese picture.  This is Payten’s “cheese” face.  I love it.
Then we jumped.
Check back tomorrow for another fun craft for toddlers that include glue! Stay tuned.

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