L + P’s Art Space

This space has been finished for awhile but it wasn’t until this past weekend when we made Liam and Payten pick up the basement, did I really organize the shelves.  This whole space could really be summed up by saying “I went to Ikea and bought a bunch of stuff”.

One of my favorite projects that I did do/create for this space was a crayon holder.  There was a point in time Andy and I decided to build ourselves a table for our sunroom and we bought four 2×2’s.  After trying our table, we decided against it long term as it would reside in our sunroom.  The changes in Ohio weather would warp that table in no time so that was one project we did not think through.  So I had 4 of these 2×2’s.  I simply cut one to size (I don’t have measurements or the pictures from the process I took but it’s pretty self-explanatory) and drilled holes using a drill bit that was slightly larger than a crayon.  After you drill the holes, you will want to sand down the top and sides.
I then printed “crayons” in arial font from the computer.  To get the lettering onto the wood, I traced the crayon letters on the back my paper in pencil.  Then place the paper on the piece of wood with the back side where you just traced letters touching the wood and then trace the front of the piece of paper with the same pencil.  It will leave a light pencil tracing of the letters you can then color in.  I just used acrylic paint to paint in the letters.

Payten loves this thing.  You can tell by all the crayon marks from her using her skills to try to get the crayons back into their spots.  I love it because she can easily take a crayon and put it back.  Have you ever tried telling a toddler to put away crayons in those tiny boxes? They end up tearing the box and my OCD can’t handle that.

Below is a source for pretty much all the items found here.  The table and chairs are no longer at Ikea but the table below is very similar.  As for the rug, our basement is carpeted but I am one that loves rugs on carpet (my husband is shaking his head right now).  Not only do I love rugs but having a rug under a children’s art space is crucial.  I have two toddlers and I let them paint, glue and have markers.  Some people call me crazy but I say as long as they are washable and they don’t try to eat them, they are safe.  I also let them go crazy with these things.  I want them to bring out their creativity.  That being said, our rug may look white in the photo but it’s a mess. Both paint and marker stains are on it and Andy constantly talks about pitching it.  But it’s sort of an apron for our carpet at this point.  It’s a must.  On my to-do list is to paint it which may help hide some of the “stains”.  I guess another option is to wash it but who wants to do that? Painting is so much more fun. 
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