1 Second Everyday

My new thing lately is taking video.  I’ve always had a heavy finger when it comes to the click on my camera but as my kids are growing too fast for my liking, I’ve turned to video lately to just capture these moments and voices I don’t want to forget.  I was recently researching a way to compile all my videos together and was getting really overwhelmed by how much footage I have when I came across this app.  Have you ever heard of 1 Second Everyday. It’s an app that makes your life so easy for documenting those moments.  Essentially you take one second of footage every day for a year and the app will compile all footage to a 6 minute video at the end of the year.  Since I just found this app not even a week ago, I don’t have enough footage to go back to get all the days in January but I was surprised with the amount I did have.  To give you a teaser, here’s my video as of 2.1.16.

I love the challenge this gives me to not only record more videos but record everyday.  I hope to keep my motivation up for the rest of 2016 but love that even if I miss a day or two, I have a great short documentary that captures 2016 and the stage of life my family is in.  So check out the app and let me know if you too will take the challenge.  It’s never too late to start capturing moments.

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