2015 Christmas Recap

Christmas came and went so fast.  So fast that I even had a hard time catching photos outside of my iPhone.  But in an attempt for me to recap this year’s Christmas, here goes.  On Christmas Eve we ended up going to church with my family.  I loved getting the kids dressed up but taking them to the church I grew up in but failure to calculate time it takes to attend church on Christmas Eve and get back home for dinner was a disaster.  We didn’t get out of church until almost seven and didn’t get home till almost eight. By then the kids were sleeping and had yet to have dinner, but fortunately they awoke upon pulling into the driveway.  We hurriedly fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and told the kids to open their early Christmas gifts (aka Christmas pajamas).  Everything that night happened on the floor of the kitchen but we got the kids off to bed in their new pajamas and we crashed shortly thereafter.

Christmas morning, the very early part of the morning, is best explained with this video.

Liam really enjoyed the unwrapping of gifts, Payten just enjoyed playing with everything.  It was the perfect combo for toddlers.

 After we opened gifts, it was up to Andy’s mom’s house for Christmas.  Every year we attempt a cousins photo and it never really turns out.

Then, after breakfast and gifts, it was over to my parents for dinner.

My brother’s girlfriend, Tessa, couldn’t be with us on Christmas day so we also got together the Monday after Christmas for dinner, games and to celebrate the January birthdays in our family.
Now this Christmas we cheated on our family photo.  I totally forgot to grab a family Christmas PJ photo the morning of Christmas so on the morning of us taking down Christmas decorations (which was around January 10th, which is actually a record for me since I’m an usual mid January Christmas decor gal).  Ironically, it snowed that morning so felt more like Christmas than on December 25th.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to share what we got.

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