Our Christmas Card Photo 2015

I love receiving Christmas cards and sending them out.  Getting a photo though is a process.  My husband does not like when I take photos or require a family photo.  On a chilly day, I had my sister meet us at my mother-in-laws and we ran into the backyard where there are these huge pine trees and snapped about 100 photos.  In the end, we got one. That’s how it goes with children, especially toddlers but I am happy with how it turned out minus the fact I didn’t think to get Barkley in for the shot.

Every year I debate where to get cards printed and every year I try some place new.  This year I went with Vistaprint and let me tell you I think I’ve found a winner.  Not only were the cards 60% off (note to self for next year to wait until cyber Monday for their best deals), but the cards arrived in less than a week and when I had a mis-print, they re-printed them for me for free and had the order to me within 3 days.  It was AH-mazing! Here’s what the final card looked like.

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