Office Update

Office Update…cabinets have been purchased.

I originally fell in love with the Ikea kitchen cabinets, mainly
the one’s with drawers (see plan here).  I was swooning over them. Well last Friday night while my MIL was watching our children Andy and I went over to Ikea to take a look.  Not only did my eyes swell up once I tested them out but also once I priced them out.  We were only talking about 3 cabinets and it was a whopping $1k!  I was shocked since Ikea has been my go-to cheaper option for almost everything.  Bummed and saddened, I stuffed my face with a $1 ice cream cone and sulked the entire walk back to the car.  I was so set on those cabinets.  But after the ice cream cone was devoured, I went back to the drawing board.

Upon one of the many trips to Home Depot for supplies for Andy’s grandparent’s bathroom, Andy spotted some cabinets in the front section of the HD store.  After the Ikea experience, he suggested we go there.  After strategic measuring and decision making, we ended up with two 18-inch cabinets for the each end of the wall and a 30-inch cabinet for the middle part of the desk/wall.  Prices were much more reasonable than Ikea. Even though they don’t have the drawers like I was wanting, they will work.  And bonus, they are already painted white.


I did find these base cabinets at Home Depot that had the drawers I was looking for but the extra time in priming and painting did not appeal to me…plus they were more expensive and Andy gave me a strict budget of $500.

Once we got the cabinets home and in place, I loved it.  I’ve been wanting an office for so long that I’m glad it’s finally under way.  One thing I noticed though immediately is that since they are kitchen cabinets, the toe kick on the cabinets looked out of place. We plan on building that out and painting white to match the rest of the cabinets so I’ll share details about that process soon.

As for the countertop, I wanted butcher block.  I love the contrast of dark walnut butcher block on white cabinets.  Ikea was again too expense so I checked out Home Emporium.  One of my favorite go-to stores for DIY supplies.  They had butcher block there but not the length we needed.  We would have needed two boards and that would have been a whopping $200.  From the cabinet purchase alone I was already at $390 (after 5% discount) so I needed a cheaper option.

Off to Lowes.  They sell these Aspen Pine panels that I knew would be perfect.  We’ve used these on other projects and they come pre-sanded and have the affect of butcher block.  We still needed two panels but total price was only $80 (after our 5% lowes card discount).  I’m hoping my wood glue/putty skills work and I’m able to hide the seam on these.

One other thing we ran into when doing this project was the height of the cabinets.  Standard desk height is around 28 inches.  The cabinets are 34 inches plus 1 inch for counter.  We set up the desk with the wood panels for the counter and actually worked on the desk for a whole night trying to see if we were comfortable with using bar stools for our chairs versus normal height chairs.  We actually loved it.  We already have two stools anyway that will work but if we do get tired of not having a back rest, I have my eyes on a bunch of bar stools with back rests that we can get as an alternative.  The other reason I like the height being higher than a normal desk is the fact we have two toddlers.  Our goal is to invest in computer by Christmas (an iMac nonetheless) so the fact that it will be higher up and out of their reach is comforting.  They do climb though so we will have that obstacle to deal with.  The only other problem we’ve come to is the fact that the cabinets hit where the chair railing is currently.  Our solution was to just take it down, which requires sanding and then ultimately repainting.  So that’s where we currently stand.  Hopefully to at least get painting done tonight as well as building out the bases of the toe-kicks.  Ambitious but maybe our kids will go to bed on-time tonight.


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