Grandma’s Bathroom Remodel – Before and After

Most of our July and August of 2015 were spent remodeling Andy’s grandparent’s bathroom.  It was hard work and I was unable to help Andy that much due to the fact we have two kids under 3.  The time I spent with his grandparent’s though was unforgettable.  There were many late weeknights hanging out on their front porch while Andy worked inside.  Liam would play with bubbles or draw a road with side walk chalk for his cars.  Payten would walk the front yard picking out every flower she could find.  Grandma would offer endless supply of graham crackers and milk for the kids and we would all just sit on the front porch swinging and playing.  There were nights we didn’t leave their house until 10pm and I would find out the next day both Grandma and Grandpa were exhausted that next morning.  I’ve loved the time we’ve spent with them over the last two months and I know they loved seeing our children almost everyday.  One of the last days, Payten crawled up onto Grandpa’s lap and just sat there looking at him, then the tv, then the remote in his lap and would just laugh.  Grandpa got a kick out of it and I know it made his day.  I know Liam or Payten won’t remember too much of the time spent up there with Grandma and Grandpa but for me, that time was precious.  #grandparentsbathroomremodel >>>the hashtag I used to capture some precious memories.

So here’s two months in the making…before and after.

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