Office Plans

Earlier this week I shared my plans for our living room.  Today I’m dreaming over an office.  Currently our house lacks an office.  When I left my former employer, they took their laptop back and so we actually have not had a computer in our house (unless Andy brings home his computer from work) so the need for an office wasn’t there.  I no longer have a job that required me to log on at night to work either so office was a dream but nothing we really needed.  Well after a year of no computer, I’m having major withdrawal.  The memory card in my camera is really feeling the affects of no computer.  We are currently saving for a home computer but first we need an office to put a computer in.  We are both dreamy-eyed over the iMacs which is a desktop and with two little one’s, we need a secured office space/desk to ensure there is no accidents.

A few months ago we gave Goodwill our kitchen table, which was a hand me down from Andy’s mom, which she had for 20 years.  It was just falling apart and didn’t work well with our space.  As a replacement, we moved our dining table into our kitchen.  We don’t eat at the dining table.  First, there’s carpet and with two kids, not worth the effort of cleaning the carpet.  We also have a dining set in our sun room and an outdoor table on our deck outside.  That’s FOUR dinner tables in one house.  Totally unnecessary.  So in an effort to minimize and utilize our space to best fit our needs, we sold our outdoor table and chairs and gave our kitchen table to Goodwill.   We moved our dining room table to the kitchen and it works well in there for the moment.  Better shape and fit for the space.  We plan on turning our dining room into our office.

After lots of research, I’ve landed on a love for Ikea cabinets for our office.  To get a visual of what the space will look like, I went to Ikea’s website and did a 3D sketch and layout of the space.  This tool is amazing if you haven’t ever used it.

We plan on doing a wall-to-wall desk unit with two spaces for chairs so we each have our own work space.  To be honest, we each need our own space.  Andy does a lot of grading from home and with all my photography and craft stuff, this storage will be filled very fast.  I am even throwing around the idea of more storage above the desk with shelves or more cabinets to really give a built-in look.  We need storage desperately in this house and this is a great solution for us.  I have so many projects piling up in my mind that I don’t know where to begin.  One day it’s the office, the next the laundry room, which I’ll share my plans on that soon.

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