Lunch Breaks

Andy just dropped Liam off with me at the office for lunch while he ran to Lowe’s to get a vanity.  It was the best lunch date I’ve ever had.  As we shared a Chipotle burrito bowl, I couldn’t help but feel sentimental with every bite.  This little boy is the light of my world.  He was the one that made me a mother and someday, his feelings he has of me being one of the coolest persons in the world will slowly dissolve and I’ll be left with memories of his intense adoration towards me.  I try to live up these moments and take mental snapshots when they occur.  With both Payten and Liam, I know this intense adoration phase lessens in the future years and I just want to hold onto every minute of it while I have it.  I had the best lunch I’ve had in a long time and it was because of who I had lunch with.  Liam, you are turning into quite the awesome and sweet little man and I will always adore you until my last breath.  Thanks again buddy for a fun lunch.

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