Engagement gift idea

This past weekend my family celebrated the engagement of this cute and happy couple.

We are so excited for them. So as part of the celebration, the girls in the family went shopping to get Jess a little present to celebrate this big day. Here’s what we came up with.

All items we found at Target.  Included is some pink champaign, ferrero rocher chocolates, two bridal magazines, of which one has an exclusive interview and tips from Lauren Conrad who just got married a week ago, which I totally read this whole magazine before giving to her, a blanket and an Anna Bond notebook, which if you don’t have any Anna rifle products, check them out here. It was a total shock target had these in stock.  I grabbed two packs of three for future uses.

We also grabbed this box from target to put all the items in, made a bow out of tissue paper and called it a day.

So my tips If you are looking for an engagement gift, go practicality with a few items that get you giddy, which in this case includes the notebook and the blanket. On that note I’m off to burry myself in a blanket with some hot cocoa and maybe journal, or write a to-do list or maybe another post.  Happy Monday all.

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