Payten’s Nursery

We moved Liam out of his nursery and into his big boy room about a month before Payten was born.  See here.  Since Payten was to be born only a month out, I decided not to re-paint Liam’s nursery.  Mainly due to the paint fumes that I did not want in the house this close to her arrival.  For Liam, we didn’t move him into his big boy bedroom until the newly painted walls had 2 weeks to cure and for the fumes to be fully removed.  We use zero VOC paint but I still get weary of paint fumes, especially around children.  So with Payten’s arrival just around the corner, I didn’t want to chance it.  Even though Payten slept in our room for the first month so it really wouldn’t have mattered, I thought it would be a good design challenge for me to decorate a girls nursery with blue walls.

Here’s what I came up with.
I decided to accent with gold and pink and tried my hardest to keep to a strict budget.  My one and only request for Payten’s room was a rocker/glider.  We didn’t get one with Liam and that was probably one of my biggest regrets. You don’t realize how many hours you log in that chair nursing.  It’s a lot.  We splurged on a chair from Babies-R-Us.  You can find the chair here.  Tip for a new mom wanting a rocking/glider, wait until Babies-R-Us sends you a 20% off coupon and you can also open a credit card and save 15% which really makes the chair a decent price.  And this chair is awesome.  The fact it reclines is an added bonus.  That’s the feature that sold Andy.

The dresser is from Ikea and was used when Liam was in the room and the crib from Target, again used with Liam.  The mirror is Ikea.  Curtains Target.

Let’s talk about the wall decals.  First, check out this Etsy shop.  I love all of their decals but in an effort to save money, I decided to hit cancel when I got to the checkout.  It was more than I was willing to spend.  Upon thinking up some other ideas I could do besides wall decals I stumbled across this site.  Vinyl sheets that were uber affordable.  I decided to buy a sheet in gold and light pink.  I had a circle paper stamp in my stash and just started punching out circles in the vinyl.  It worked so well and hardly cost me anything.  Application to the wall was super easy.  The hardest part was lining them up and figuring out spacing between them to make the wall look even.  

I had some vinyl left over from the wall so I decided to use it for two more projects.  Enter project #1:
 I had some vinyl left over from the wall so I decided to use it for two more projects.  Enter project #1:

This was a little more time consuming but in the end, so much cheaper than ordering a name wall decal.  I simply found a font I like, in this case Alex Brush and simply wrote Payten’s name in Word and printed it in a large font.  Then I taped the printed sheets to my vinyl and just took my time to cut out the letters.  Easy peasy.  

The other piece of artwork I did with my vinyl sheets is the pinky promise canvas.  I have a stash of white canvas and just picked one out, used Word document and the font Jenna Sue.  Once the word document was printed, I taped to my extra vinyl sheets and cut out the letters using scissors and an exacto knife.  I applied the vinyl letters to the white canvas, covered the canvas in paint and when dried removed the vinyl.  Again, easy peasy.  The butterfly heart canvas I found at Goodwill for $2.00.

I also made the butterfly mobile.  I simply painted a sewing hoop white using simply white craft paint, bought a butterfly paper stamp from Hobby Lobby and used random pink and white paper I had on hand and just started clipping.  I then used a really small hole punch to make two holes in each butterfly, one at the bottom and one at the top and used string to hang them from the hoop.  Again, easy peasy.  There’s a theme here, can you spot it?

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