Potato Soup Cravings

Every season I make a bucket list.  Not necessarily write anything down, but keep track of it in my head along with the other million thoughts I have.  Sometimes they get lost in there but usually when I think of something to add to my bucket list, in this case my fall bucket list, I usually act on it right away.  In this case, I decided to make potato soup at 9:30 pm.  I now regret that decision.  The soup turned out so delicious but I did not realize until that night how slow I am at chopping vegetables.  Probably due to my lack of cooking.  I was up way later than I thought I would be making the soup but I was relieved that after chopping all of those vegetables, the actually soup making was rather easy.

I followed Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  On an unrelated note, if you ever need a recipe, a good laugh or just a good read, check out PW website.  She is one of the first blogs I ever started following and have used her tips endlessly.  I just adore her.  You can find this recipe here.

So you first start by gathering your ingredients and chopping vegetables.  It took me a good while to chop these so if you are a novice like me, give yourself plenty of time and wait for the kids to go to bed so you can do it uninterrupted.  Also so you don’t get weird stares from your toddler when he insists on eating the potato skin you peeled off after you repeatedly tell him its not going to taste good.  Oh the joys of discovering new things.  I love living through his experiences.

I skipped the first step in this recipe for the simple fact I didn’t have any bacon on hand.  Note to self, next time get bacon.  Everything is better with bacon.  So in order to saute the vegetables, I added some butter to the bottom of the pan.  Not comparable to bacon grease but next best thing ;).

Then you add potatoes…

Then you just keep adding things like broth and heavy cream.  I did however take PW tip and blended half of the soup mixture in a blender prior to adding the heavy cream.  It turned out a nice consistency afterwards. After a few more moments cooking on the stove, it was done.  It was also around 11 PM.  I was exhausted and had a boiling hot pot of soup to store.  So I went to bed and set my alarm for 3 AM to get up and put in in the refrigerator after it had cooled.   Like I said earlier, this recipe is totally worth the time it takes to chop the vegetables but note to self and others, don’t start making this at 9 PM.

One thing marked off my fall bucket list.  Next up, campfires.  What’s on your fall bucket list?

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