Liam’s "Big" Boy Bedroom

I’ve worked on Liam’s new bedroom for what seems like half a year now.  Oh wait, it’s really been half a year.  We started on it before Payten was born and let me just throw out a disclaimer that it’s still a work in progress.  I’m always adding things, moving things around etc.  We decided to transition him into his new room about 2 months before Payten was to arrive so that he was comfortable and familiar with the new space.

His life was about to change and he didn’t even know it.  He was still too young to try to prepare him for it.  He didn’t know what a baby was, thought my stomach made a good seat to plop down on and really was oblivious to the fact he was getting a sister.  I was also anxious for him.  Because there was no way to try to prep him for what was about to happen and because of the fact he’s such a momma’s boy and this momma was not going to be able to be his beck and call at every second of the day, I will admit I was a little bit nervous for him.  So I figured if he got a new cool bedroom, a place to play that is just across the hall from his sister where I would be spending most of my time and could keep an eye on him, he would feel included.  We decided not to leave him in his nursery well for the simple fact that the room we use for the nursery is the perfect size for a nursery and that’s about it. There was no room for toys which I wanted to move about half of them upstairs.  At this point in time, we didn’t have any toys upstairs.  Really the only time Liam went upstairs was to go to bed.  No real reason for that just that we spend most of our time in the kitchen and living room so that’s where all his toys were.

Here is the room when we moved in, wallpaper trim, yellow plugs and all.

And here is the room now.  Complete with toddler in tow.

We started by taking down the wallpaper border and painting the room Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore.  There is a lot I still want to do but I think I’ve decided I will wait until he transitions into a big boy bed so I can match the sheets with the curtains and find a nice complimentary rug.  Andy does not like the rug on carpet idea but I love it so really it will just take research to find the right one.  I’m determined.

This room is rather large so it was a challenge for me to find things that fit it.  The teepee I built with Liam’s help (see here) and it was what the room needed to fill some space.


The blanket inside the tent is from Target, the stuffed animals Amazon and pillows Ikea.

The American flag was my grandfathers that I snatched up when they were cleaning out his house.  It’s perfect, especially after a long argument with Andy about how hanging a frame over the bed is not as dangerous as Andy makes it out to be.  Basically my husband is all about sturdiness of items on a wall and let’s just say I lost that battle when the frames I hung above his crib kept disappearing.  Oh and to speak of crib, big shout out to my cousins for letting us borrow this crib during Liam’s transition time. Liam’s crib was given to his sister so very reluctant and relieved they were willing to let us borrow this (virtual high five Cobey and the Almond family).


The train table I scored from craigslist.  I have a vision of painting the green board with chalkboard paint.  It’s on the to do list.


The rocking chair was actually mine from childhood.  Liam loves it.  He loves swings so naturally he would love this.
I love this photo but wish it wasn’t so blurry but this accurately depicts Liam right now. Always moving. Kid doesn’t sit still, like ever.  Kinda like superman…

On an unrelated note, if you are looking for a good Father’s day gift or a gift for a dad, this book “Because I’m your Dad” is absolutely brilliant.  It’s Liam’s favorite book and really is a special tradition Liam and Andy started by reading this every night.  
A room isn’t complete without a photo of a boy and his first best friend.

So there it is.  Liam’s room in a nutshell of a post.  Up next is to snap some photos and share with you Payten’s room which in my opinion turned out really well considering I was trying to avoid painting the walls, which were blue.


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