Are there days you wake up and just feel so emotionally blessed?  Like wake up in a full out sobbing, runny nose mess?  And when your husband asks you in a panic mode what’s wrong you just say nothing because explaining that you are happy won’t make sense to him.  Because it’s him sleeping next to  you who gave you two beautiful and healthy children that make you so emotional.  It’s him that puts you and your children before his own wants that cause the tears to stream down your face.

It’s your first born who always runs to you when he gets hurt because nothing heals the emotion of getting hurt better than your mother.

And it’s the sigh your newborn gives when you finally feed her after she wakes up crying because she’s hungry.

It’s the simple emotions that can wisp away as fast as they arrive.  But those little moments in your day when all you can think about is how God chose you to be their mother or their spouse that get you all choked up.  It’s weird how your happiest day of your life is today.  And just when you think that your heart is full and is at its capacity for love, tomorrow happens.  Life, always giving you lemons to make those special moments.

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