Welcoming Payten Elizabeth

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  And to be honest, that is partly due to adding a little girl to our family and partly due to my lack of owning a computer.  When I left my old job, I had to give back my trusting HP.  I loved that computer and loved even more that Deloitte always updated it with a newer HP every two years.  That computer would let me edit photos all day long and never once froze.  Well my new job came and so did a computer that doesn’t really support all my photo editing needs.  We are currently saving up for a home computer, an iMac to be exact.  I think we will buy refurbished but only two things standing in our way; hospital bills and our remaining school loans.  Side thought, why are epidurals so expensive?  Hospitals act like it’s a commodity.  I needed that bad boy.  Also side note, Payten’s hospital bill was a total of $100 less than mine.  She slept in a plastic bin.  I slept in an old bed.  Both equally uncomfortable but not sure why the rates were practically the same.  The Container Store doesn’t even sell bins that expensively.  I would have brought my own.  Just saying.

Back to blogging.  I miss it.  I tried to journal more this past summer when I knew I had to take a break from blogging but truth be told, it doesn’t happen.  I forget or misplace my journal or fall asleep to writing (actually happened more times than one).  So even though my posts on here won’t be as frequent as they use to be (until I can get a computer), I love having this blog as a way to journal our family’s growth.

So since I last posted, a couple of major things happened to our family.  The biggest of all is we welcomed Payten Elizabeth into the world.  The second biggest, Andy’s new job.  But let’s focus on Payten here.

She was a quick delivery.  I get embarrassed when people ask how labor was with her because I don’t want to tell them how easy it was.  Quick overview: woke up Saturday morning with very very mild contractions lasting about 5-10 seconds.  I thought it was gas but weird they came every 20 minutes or so.  We had plans that Saturday to drop Liam off with my parents and head downtown Cincy for dinner and maybe the Beyonce/Jay Z concert to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  So around noon, we headed up to Dayton to make the drop.  There was a neighborhood garage sale in my parents neighborhood so my mom, sister and I decided to shop a little.  It got cut short by the rain and the fact that when I was walking, the contractions never stopped.  At this point they were lasting about 20 seconds but very close together.  I told Andy we probably should head back to Cincy just to be safe in case Payten were to arrive.  With a quick stop at Andy’s mom’s to get the title for the Jeep (we had sold it a few days prior), we headed down to Cincy, made a stop at Jack in the Box realizing that our dinner plans might be diminished at this point.  I ate a few fries but did not want greasy food if I was going to give birth in a few hours.

We went home, packed our bags and actually turned on a movie.  Andy was very hesitant to go to the hospital because with Liam, labor was 14 hours.  He didn’t want to go through the waiting in an uncomfortable chair again.  It was miserable for him I guess. lol. So I sat down and waited with him.  Well about 5:30 the contractions were intense.  I woke him up (yes he fell asleep) and insisted that we go.  My water broke with Liam and I wasn’t contracting at that point so I wasn’t sure how strong the contractions could get (because I got an epidural early with Liam).  So he packed the car and off we went. About halfway down the road, Andy realized he didn’t pack a toothbrush or toothpaste so asked if we could stop at Kroger.  I just told him to hurry.
Once we got to Christ Hospital, my contractions never stopped.  They were strong.  I contracted all the way from the car to the labor and delivery floor.  They decided to check me and I was 5 cm dilated so they admitted me.
Once I got to my room, the nurses hooked all the monitors up and ordered my epidural. Andy started making calls to my mom and sister.  I wanted my sister to be there for photos and to video the birth (not the nasty stuff, just the joyous occasions).  They arrived (no clue what time) just after I got my epidural, which was around 9 pm.  Well after the epidural I was feeling awesome.  Those contractions are no joke.  Well around 9:20 pm, I was feeling some intense pressure down there.  I called the nurse, she checked and Payten was crowing. She called the Doc (Dr. Mable Roberts who coincidentally was the Dr. on call when Liam was born) and told me to not put my legs on the stirrups until the Dr was there.  Well after that it was four pushes and she was there.  It was so different than with Liam.  Once I got to the point of pushing with Liam, they cut my epidural and I felt the pushing. With Payten, I felt nothing.  I asked the Dr at one point if I even pushed because I couldn’t feel anything besides the feeling that I was sitting on Payten’s head.

She was born at 9:57pm and long story short, Andy ended up going home to sleep that night.  All those preparations were pointless as he even brought me clothes the next day that I had forgot to pack.

Life with Payten has been amazing.  Liam has taken to her really well.

Every time she makes a peep, he runs over to her, points and says “oh oh oh”.  He loves to give her a pacifier, which is really interesting because he will give her his paci that is in his mouth any time and all the time but the second I ask Liam for his paci (trying to ween him – he only gets it at nap time), he throws the biggest fit.  So we just ask if we can have it for his sister and no tears.
Payten is two months now and is alert and responsive. It’s such a crazy feeling when a baby smiles at you for the first time, something so indescribable but yet only containing four letters…love.

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