A Different Look

Do you ever look at someone and in that moment, they look different to you.  Like you know who they are but things have changed in such a short time since you last saw them.  I had one of these moments a couple weeks ago with Liam.  I even have a picture as a memory.  It was a normal day, we went out side to play.  But with Liam not feeling all that well (ear infection annoyances) and his hair getting lighter, I later looked at these pictures and Liam looked different to me.  Not a bad different but a new different.  His personality is starting to shine and with that I’ve learned how laid back Liam is.  He is a mellow little guy, nothing really upsets him with the exception to teething irritations and ear infections.  And just like he does any other day, he is content in running around outside with his lawn mower and his dog and these pictures perfectly captures that.  Not much emotion going on, just a face of contentment.  He needs a hair cut, his face washed and you can tell from this picture that his face is filling out.  I look at this picture and think of Liam and that time in his life where he started to change, personality and physical features.  He still looks like such a baby in these though.

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