Toddler’s Teepee Tent

Every mom or woman who is on Pinterest has seen various pins for a toddler’s teepee.  Well with Liam transitioning into a new (bigger) room, I wanted to give him a spot to read and play.  Also, his new room is huge and frankly I needed big items to fill it.  So after browsing many teepee tutorials and styles via Pinterest and Google images, I got to work.

First I went to Lowe’s and got five 2″ x 2″ boards.  They were longer than I preferred so I first measured and took about fifteen inches off of each board.  I just used a circular saw to do this.  I had help in measuring.

I then carried the boards to Liam’s room as I didn’t want to transport after assembly.  I am pregnant after all.  Also you can see that we finally removed the wallpaper and painted Liam’s room.  The color is Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore.

I first assembled the boards and held them together with some ribbon I had in the other room.

I then bought a $14 drop cloth from Lowes to use as the cover.  I simply draped the cloth around the teepee structure.  You have to keep moving it and pulling the fabric tight to really figure out what gives you the most coverage.

However, I did want to add some color as it was looking pretty dull with only the drop cloth.  So once I had all of the fabric draped, I picked a height and started chopping the fabric.

I picked up some navy canvas fabric from JoAnn’s (canvas so the navy fabric would have the same consistency as the drop cloth).  I think I got around 6 yards and it was more than enough.  I simply just started at one end and pinned to where I wanted to sew.  The seams weren’t perfectly lined up but it didn’t bother me.

Sewing took the longest by far.

In the end, I changed out the ribbon at the top for some twine Andy picked up for me at Lowe’s.  This actually helped the sturdiness of the teepee. I twisted the twine through each of the five boards and then around the whole thing several times.  I also added some pillows and a blanket.

Liam loves it.  We have story time in there every night.  I was worried he would try to crawl through the sides of the teepee (as he did several times during construction which made for a long process) but once it was in place, he hasn’t tried to since.  As for Liam’s new room, he loves it.  I hope to have a post on it later this week, just need to get in there to get some pictures.  Overall we are happy with how the teepee and his room turned out 

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