Dear Baby Girl

Dear baby girl Whipp,
In eight short weeks you will be making your arrival into this world.  It would be an understatement to say how excited I am to meet you.   Finally that foot and elbow that you keep poking out I will finally be able to hold.  I’ve loved feeling you move.  You move constantly.  Your brother never moved and I got a sense of panic multiple times during the day but I don’t know if there is a moment where you don’t move, even at night while lying in bed.  I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights because it feels like you are trying to punch your way out but looking back I’ve secretly loved those nights.  The ability to feel every move, feel your feet and just wonder and daydream about all of your little features.  Now that this pregnancy is getting close, I’m just counting the days until I can hold you and rub those little feet and grip those little hands.
This pregnancy has gone by very fast and was at times very hard.  You caused me a lot of sickness (still do) and the myth that girls take your beauty is true. My hair has never been thinner; I’ve never broken out more or had more skin blemishes in my life than what I have with this pregnancy.  But it’s ok.  I’d give you everything in this world if I could.  I’ve also had very bad heartburn this pregnancy so very anxious to see if you will have a full head of hair.  And what color will your hair be? Blond with red tint like your brother and dad or more dark brown like mine?  What about eyes and nose and ears and mouth and toes?  All things I ponder at night while I thank the Lord that he has blessed us with another baby.  Other wives tales about this pregnancy though are not true.  For one, I’m carrying you really low.  I carried Liam higher and I can say from experience that the lower carrying is causing a lot more pain.  Also they say you tend to gain weight everywhere with girls but you are all belly.  In fact, I gained a total of 48 pounds with Liam and so far I’ve only gained 31 pounds with you.  However, you will be growing the most in these last couple of weeks so I could still get there but point being is that with Liam I got bigger everywhere and with you it just seems to be in my stomach, of that I am appreciative.  I just pray every day that you are healthy.
A little about your family:
Dad – what a great man.  I wonder every day how I deserve such a man to be my partner in creating this little family we have, but every day I am thankful.  Your dad is a teacher and a basketball coach.  Don’t be surprised if all you see on TV is basketball.  It’s going to happen; even I don’t have control over it.  Your dad is a very gentle man, very easy going and one of his greatest qualities is love for others.  The love he will give you will soothe you and I know it’s only a matter of time before he’s wrapped around your finger…so take the opportunity when you have it.
Liam – your big brother.  Liam will be 1 ½ years old when you are born.  Unfortunately he does not understand at this time what is coming.  I am sorry if at first he does not seem to care for you but I know that as you grow older, you two will be best friends.  You will be so close in age and be able to play together and read together that it will be fun for you guys.  Right now Liam loves cars, dirt and basketball.  As for cars, he waves to every car that passes by our house, his favorite book is the Toyota 4Runner brochure we picked up at the dealership when we bought our new car, and he never leaves any room in the house without a matchbox car in tow.  He also gets rather perturbed when you hand him something that requires the release of the car in his hand.  We’ll work on this.  Your brother also loves the outside.  Chasing dad around the yard while he does yard work or mow the grass are some of his favorite things but his favorite thing right now is dirt.  He throws a lot of dirt.  He has permanent dirt under his fingernails that I just can’t seem to get rid of.  It happens.
Barkley – he’s your big dog.  He’s nothing more than a cuddly teddy bear and your brother Liam will show you how to climb on him and snuggle with him.  He will become one of your best friends and will be very protective over you as he when Liam was first born.  I will warn you though; he has a loud bark and guaranteed to wake you from a deep sleep more times than one.  I will try to prevent it but sometimes a dog just needs to bark a squirrel out of the yard.  You’ll understand when you are older.
As for me, I live for you and Liam.  My greatest joys these days are playing with Liam or feeling you kick and wondering what kind of personality you will have.  I never knew how happy you and your brother could make me.  Every day when I leave for work, I count down until the moment I get to come home and be mom to Liam and I can’t wait to be your mother.  My biggest weakness at times is patience and I pray each day that God grants me more patience.  I have such a desire to be a woman that you and Liam admire and I work every day to develop those qualities in me to do so.  When I’m not watching NBA with your father, I usually guilt trip him into redoing a room in our house, whether painting or building something. 
 28 Weeks:

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