Spring Photo Challenge

When Katie Bower came up with this idea, I hopped on board.  Then, like my normal self, I waited until yesterday to start to think about a photo for this challenge.  The premise is this, each month Katie will come up with a different theme for a photo and then at the end of the month, everyone will link their photo to her blog.  A few reasons why this instantly grabbed my attention:

1. Ever since I got pregnant with baby #2 I have not picked up my camera as much.  Life just seemed to get busy and it slipped my mind to capture all these moments.  On the other hand, it’s resulted in a lot more instagramming.  But as we all know, the quality of photos from your iphone are not that great compared to a DSLR so this was a good challenge for me to get out there and shoot more of my crazy kid.

2. I want to be a better photographer and challenges like this may help me develop my skills.  I don’t want to go pro or anything but taking priceless pictures of my babies is something I long for.

3. I have been waiting and debating about downloading Photoshop to my new work computer.  Which, as a result, there are about 3 months worth of pictures on my external hard drive that need some Photoshop love.  I basically need to get on that.  The longer I wait, the bigger of a project it will be.

So, as I was on my way home from work yesterday it dawned on me that today is the deadline for the spring photo challenge and guess what, I had not picked up my DSLR since late last week.  Liam has been sick with some kind of stomach virus so photos is not on my mind.  So in a last minute attempt to get a “spring” photo, Liam and I ventured outside last night.  We were outside for 10 minutes before the neighbors dog ran through their invisible fence to our yard to play with Barkley and about 10 minutes later, torrential downpour.  Needless to say, Liam did not sit still long enough to get some shots I wanted before the chaos happened.  So in a last minute attempt to still participate in this photo challenge, I wracked through the photos I had and found this one on my iphone.  It’s definitely my favorite photo of this spring season so far so I decided this needed to be the one.  The only downside to this is that it’s from my iphone and again quality is not that great.

I’ll be linking up with Katie Bower so go check out all of the other great photo’s out there.  I hope to get some inspiration from others and start to pick up my camera again.

5 thoughts on “Spring Photo Challenge

  1. I clicked over from Katie's blog because your dog and my dog could be siblings! Please tell me I'm not the only one that has a dog that big inside the house. Pretty please? 🙂

    Love this photo!

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