Baby #2 Wish List

Similar to everything else, I have a wish list.  Here it is for baby #2 due in July.

1 – Solly Baby Wrap With Liam, I actually attempted to make my own wrap.  It turned out well with the exception that there were only so many different fabric options at JoAnn’s to choose from.  The wrap I made for Liam worked well but after so many uses, stopped stretching which made it hard to get the wrap configured on your body right.  Solly wraps are known for their bamboo fabrics, which are very stretchy and comfortable from what I hear.  Even though this is my wish list, this is going to be a must for me.

2 – Double Stroller – I don’t necessarily want this exact stroller but a double stroller in general.  I hope to find one at a garage sale this spring/summer.  Liam will still be young enough to need or want to ride in the stroller and I can already see tantrums in the future if he doesn’t get to.

3 – Baby Book – I love this baby book.  It is a little pricy, actaully, who am I kidding, it’s totally too much but I still love it.  It’s a little ironic I have a baby book on my wish list since I can’t seem to keep Liam’s up to date. 

4 – Baby Moccasins – Just because.

5 – 4MOMS moma roo – From what I hear this thing is amazing and will keep your baby entertained/comfortable for hours, which is always on my radar as Liam is an extreme momma’s boy and me paying attention to baby sister is going to be hard for him, so anything that can occupy the baby for some period of time is on my wish list.

6 – HeadbandConfession, I’m just now starting to think about having a girl and all things girly and honestly it’s just now starting to get me excited.  I want to  attempt to take newborn photos of this one again but as Liam was not cooperating, may be something I hire out again.  Either way I need to start thinking of props/headbands and loved this one.

7 – High Chair – I don’t necessarily want this one but a free standing one. Thing is, for Liam we have the highchair that hooks onto your existing chair and I absolutely hate it.  It doesn’t exactly push all the way under the table and it has so many crevices that it’s impossible to keep clean.  I’ve heard great things about the free standing high chairs and really need a new one not only for this new baby but for the remainder of Liam’s time in a high chair.

8 – Changing Pad Cover – Currently I have a blue changing pad cover.  The walls of the nursery are blue.  It clashes.  Badly.  I hate it.  This cover is neutral and can be used for all future kiddos (hear that Andy).  Side note: my husband wants to stop at 2, I somewhat disagree.

9 – Honest Diapers – I’ve been a big fan of this company for a while.  I’ve tried just about everything with the exception to diapers.  Here’s the thing, we live in Cincinnati, I use to be on the P&G audit for Deloitte.  Both Andy and I are very P&G proud and when it comes to diapers, we are Pampers all the way.  I haven’t made the switch for Liam but I do want to try these diapers out for baby girl.  Since she will be born in the summer and most likely will go many days in just a diaper, these cute diaper designs will give her that style.  Plus, wearing these under a dress, no need for a diaper cover with a design.

10 – Newborn Wrap for Photo Shoot – I love the nest wraps for newborn photo shoots.  Etsy has so many of these wraps to choose from that I can’t quite decide on the one I want the most.  All I do know is that I want one for little girls photo shoot when she arrives. 

So there it is my wish list for this baby.  I can’t believe she will be here in about 2 months.  I feel like we have so much to do before then, including getting Liam out of the nursery and into his new room…something that seems to be taking forever.

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