Easter Cookies

Easter is fast approaching and like every other holiday, I feel like I’m behind in celebrating it. I love to celebrate holidays, especially from a child’s perspective.  Children have the best perspective on a lot of things.  They just take in the beauty and fun in everything, don’t really question anything and ultimately enjoy the moment.  So often I can get caught up in life that I actually don’t take time to just sit with Liam and play cars with him for five minutes.  Holidays for some reason remind me to spend this extra one on one time with Liam.  I think it’s because I want him to start to understand the meaning behind the holidays.  Ok, I admit, a 16 month old does not understand how to icing cookies let alone what Jesus’ dying and rising mean for us.  But it’s never too early to start, even if he’s not listening or taking anything in.

Anyways, back to this post.  This pregnancy makes my brain run off in different directions during conversation all the time.  Pregnancy brain is real people.  So to get into the Easter spirit, I tried to think of activities for Liam to do.  Sixteen months is an in between phase for babies/toddlers.  There is so much stuff he wants to do but yet only so much that he can do.  One thing Liam loves is to cook with me.  Every night for dinner, I hand him a pot with water in it and a spoon of some kind.  He stirs his pot on the floor while I cook.  Occasionally I’ll let him actually stir the potatoes or mac n cheese when they are done and he loves it.  He still doesn’t understand concept of hot and ouch so many meltdowns come during dinner when he wants me to pick him up so he can stir the pot of boiling water.  He also knows how to turn on the stove and oven.  Something I’m not proud of.  Our appliances came with the house and they are fairly new.  They aren’t our style but we refuse to buy something new if we have a perfectly good working stove at home.  So with our stove, the knobs are in front versus the back of the stove.  I know there are child proof safety things we can buy but he only messes with them when we are cooking and I’m right there so it hasn’t concerned us yet.  Plus we are those kind of parents that baby proof the necessities (like outlet covers, etc.) but we have never put a baby gate in front of our stairs and I’m actually glad about it now because he can now go up and down without us and when upstairs, he knows to just walk by.  We have not had any issues.  Granted when he’s near the stairs, we always are close by just in case because that’s how accidents happen after all but truth be told, Liam is a rough guy.  I know that if we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs, he’s just going to hang on it and be rough and knock that gate over and down he goes.  I know everyone is different but this is what works for us.

Anyways, back to Easter and Easter cookies.  I decided to make cookies with Liam.  He did all the stirring and even played with the dough until he got bored, which was about 15 minutes in, and off he went to play with cars.

p.s. please excuse the quality of pictures, I have not installed Photoshop on my new computer yet (and not sure I’m going to as we are looking at options of having a home computer so there may be many posts with poor quality of photos).

After his nap and cookies cooled, I tried again at decorating.  Side note, this kid does not eat sugar.  I admit, I force it on him sometimes but it’s always a no go.  He never touched his birthday cake and every ice cream or brownie since then he has refused.  He won’t even do apple juice.  So I was actually shocked when he took a bite of the cookie.  However, put icing on that cookie and it was a no go.  He thought it was paint and just kept spreading it around with his finger.  And he enjoyed shaking the sprinkle containers, not necessarily on the cookies but just everywhere.  All in all we got messy and had fun and all the cookies were gone by the end of the night.  I’m pregnant after all.

I have a lot more on our Easter bucket list like visiting some chickens and rabbits, Easter egg baskets, attempt an Easter egg hunt, decorating plastic Easter eggs (because he is just not delicate enough for a real egg), and a family photo but I think our celebration of Easter is going to run into next week, which is ok.  Liam doesn’t know the difference and the only evidence will be the time stamp on my camera.

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