Office Space and Items to Fill It

With my new job, I get an office.  Now if you are in public accounting, you know how big of a deal this is.  For the last seven years, I’ve brought my laptop to work every day and sat in a crammed conference room with at least five other auditors.  There was no sense of personal space.  You became familiar with others bad habits very quickly and they very quickly started to escalate in the annoying field.  You couldn’t help it.  There were times you had to sit closer to individuals than you do your own spouse during dinner.  But after a while you got use to it.  It became the norm.  No one thought much about it.  It was the culture.  When I left Deloitte, my excitement for my own office space really started to get my jitter bugs moving.  My own space.  No more accidentally bumping into someone or papers falling on the floor because there just wasn’t enough table room.  No more having to smell what others are eating and then moments later running to the bathroom because the fetus inside you couldn’t take that odor.  No more having to hear people chew loudly or voicing your opinion about leaving left over lunch on the table three hours after you ate.  But instead I know have my own space.  Space alone that is a sign of freedom, victory and even accomplishment that I made it out of public accounting.  

Never having my own office before, I wasn’t prepared for how empty it was on my first day.  Just a desk, some cabinets and a computer was all that resided.  What was I going to do to fill this space?  I started web browsing and bookmarking all the items I wanted.  I have a huge window so one item I want to get is a plant or two.  Bring some life and color into the space.  I also was thinking about getting a terrarium as those are low maintenance as those who know me know that I don’t have the greenest thumb there is.  Also picture frames.  You can’t have enough frames and pictures reminding you hourly of the loved ones for whom you work so hard for.  Also, I wanted a huge desk calendar.  I do have an Outlook calendar but I also wanted a huge desk calendar to not only write those important deadlines on but to jot down things about Liam or baby #2 when they come about.  Also on my list is a wall clock.  Weird I know since the time is on every computer and cell phone but I’m so use to looking up to tell the time that I actually miss being able to do that.  Last thing I spotted were some paper weights.  They were too cute and sparkly to pass up.  So below are the items I pinned as personal reminders and the links to each one.   Happy browsing.

Row 1: 1 2 3 4
Row 2: 1 2 3 4
Row 3: 1 2 3 4
Row 4: 1 2 3 4

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