Here we go…again

So a lot has happened to me since my last blog post in August of 2013.  The two biggest life changing events were 1. I got pregnant and 2. I left my job at Deloitte.  It was around August of 2013 that Andy and I started trying for baby #2.  I just assumed that it would only take one time and bam I would be pregnant.  Kinda like that men’s cologne commercial where the guy puts on cologne and the girl walks back into the room 9 months pregnant asking the guy what he just did.  I thought it would be that easy.  We ended up finding out we were pregnant in early November.  My sister also got married in early October and I remember the week before her wedding finding out my monthly was back and being really bummed about it but really learned to be patient and that God knows what’s best for you.  So we found out in early November that our baby would be due July 6, 2014.  A summer baby.  Oh how excited I was to have a summer baby after Liam was born right at the start of winter, December 9th.  We found out in mid February what our baby would be.  In case you missed my facebook post, here is the video I did to reveal to our family and friends baby #2’s gender.

Also, since August, I left Deloitte and accepted a new position as an Internal Audit Manager with Dental Care Plus.  If you work in the Cincinnati area, it is most likely your employer has DCP insurance for your dental coverage.  So far I love it.  Granted as I write this post, I’m only 2 days in but it is such a great work life balance, the people are super friendly and the work is actually something I enjoy doing.  Public accounting was great for the seven years I’ve worked there but with baby #2 on the way, it’s nice to get out now and to not be stressed as much as I was.  It’s very unique how this opportunity came about.  I mean I wasn’t necessarily working as I was almost five months pregnant and was pretty sure if I left Deloitte that pregnant, it would be hard for me to find benefits elsewhere that would cover maternity leave, etc.  So when I got the call from DCP (side note – in public accounting, you get calls and emails weekly from recruiters so nothing out of the ordinary for me to get this call), I totally ignored it.  Two days later, I talked to the partner I was working for, whom also audits DCP and basically said this may be the opportunity I have been waiting for to get out.  I’ve talked to this partner before about my concerns at Deloitte and it was really kind and thoughtful he kept those in the back of his mind for when this position opened.  So I interviewed and went for it and now am happy to have a new beginning.

With this new job, I also hope to get back into blogging.  I’m a horrible journalist (aka person who keeps a journal).  In fact, my New Years Resolution was to journal every night, even if it was just one line and I looked at my journal yesterday, I have two entries.  It’s half way through April.  That was a horrible idea.  One thing though that I have enjoyed is blogging and writing about the things I want to remember on here so I hope to start back up.  Liam is constantly changing and I want to remember all the details.  From things like playing in our shower, to copying every move I make in the morning when getting ready.  I comb my hair, he reaches for the comb.  Same with brushing teeth.  He even saw me put deodorant on and immediately after, gestured to me for the deodorant, I handed it to him and he started rubbing it on his chest.  He does the same with lotion.  I’ll give him a little bit of lotion and he will rub it on his stomach or legs or wherever he see’s me rubbing it.  I love that little guy.  He is currently 16 months and it amazes me every day how much of his personality is starting to shine through.  I am so blessed to be his mom and look forward to every morning wake-up call for the next 17 or so years.

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