Subpar Subway Art

We love our house.  Everything about it.  But as we try to settle in I realize the thing I am not good at…wall art.  All of our walls are bare.  I attempted to put some portraits up in our front room a couple of months ago but after a couple of weeks, I didn’t like it.  It was too much and not enough at the same time.  After a lot of pins on Pinterest and a lot of time spent staring at empty walls, a pile of picture frames and our awkward furniture, I finally decided on some subway art.

Subway art.  It’s all over Pinterest and Etsy and probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made.  I used Ariel font and Photoshop but this could easily be done in a word document.  Simply set your background to black, choose Ariel font and just start typing names of places that have meaning to you.  Once they were all typed out, I edited the spacing and height of each name to make it uniform.  I then uploaded these images to a flash drive, drove to Staples and asked the nice printing lady for these two prints on their engineering print paper and in black and white.  I told them the specific size I wanted (in order to fit the Ikea frames) and she produced, and produced these two prints for under $5 total.  I love purchases like those.  I feel like you get so much bang for your buck.

As for the meaning of these places:
1. Wilmington Pike – road Andy and I met on (we met while working at Applebees)
2. Navy Pier – our first vacation just the two of us (it was a big trip as I was still under 21 and my parents were skeptical)
3. Old Station – the road where our current house is located
4. Ellison Avenue – the road where our first apartment after marriage was located
5. Broadway – the road downtown Cincinnati that Andy’s loft apartment was on, also the place where we broke up ironically
6. Playa Mujeres – destination of our honeymoon
7. West Chester – current city residing in
8. Sanibel Island – Liam’s first trip to the beach where he experienced swimming, boats and sand for the first time
9. Franklin Street – street we were married
10. Cincinnati – pretty obvious, our city since we started dating
11. Mount Lookout – location of our apartment when we first got married
12. Auburn Avenue – street of hospital Liam was born at
13. Jacksonville – destination of our last vacation with Andy’s dad
14. Sandover Drive – street that our first house resided

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