A Home

Home is a strong word. It can hold a lot of meaning for a person.  If you were to ask me what home meant to me, I would say that it is my dwelling place.  The place I feel most comfortable.  The place I work for, live for but also a place I feel.  Home is safe and happy and love.  Home is sometimes a place but also is whenever my family is together, I have a sense of completeness and contentment when I’m home.  But talking about home as in a place, there are four homes that have significant meaning for me.  The first is the home I grew up in, from birth to 11th grade.  This is the home I shared a room with my sister my whole life.  It was a small tri-level, 3 bed 2 bath and with 6 people was a little crowded.  My sister and I shared a tiny room that included a day bed and a bed that pulled out.  Yes, I had to pull my bed out every night.  It was a pain and resulted in a lot of fights but looking back, I loved the small, quaint house.  I truly do believe that the tightness kept my family close.

In eleventh grade, my parents built a 4 bedroom house about 2 miles from our current house.  It was so spacious and seemed like a mansion to us kids.  I didn’t get to live in this house very long before going away to college but my little brother lived  most of his life in this house so it still has special meaning for me.  My parents are still there and we stay there when we go up to Xenia for the Holidays and it does hold a special place in my heart.

My current home is in West Chester.  This is mine and Andy’s second home.  This is the house we brought Liam home to.  We will have plenty of room to grow in this house and most likely the house we will retire in.  But this post is not about our current house, it’s about the house Andy and I first bought together.  Our Sandover house.

We bought our first house about 3 months after we were married.  Our small one bedroom apartment wasn’t cutting it.  It was a fun adventure.  We did a lot of projects in our first house, including a complete renovation of the bathroom.  It was the house where Andy and I both found a love for home improvement projects.  That house was a journey for our first two years of marriage.  We learned to live together, manage our finances as one unit, and just learn about each other.  I loved those two years in that house.  I don’t want to forget the memories made in that house.  As I was thinking about that house, an idea for remembering that house came to me.  I wanted a picture of our first house in our current house.  I’m sure you’ve seen all the pencil sketches of houses on Pinterest but below is a tutorial on how I created ours using the simple Google application Picasa.

First, here is the picture I used of our first home.

If you don’t have Picasa, it’s a google app that hosts pictures.  It’s free to download.  Once downloaded to your computer, open to image in Picasa.

Next click on the blue options button to the right.

Then click pencil sketch option.  You can then adjust the strength, radius and fade.

Very simple tutorial but so cool.  This would also make for great coloring book pages.  A big fad right now is the coloring book pages for weddings.  Here is our final picture.

And framed and out for display.

Have any of you ever created pencil sketch images? I would love to know other ways people have done these?

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