Bathroom Mood Board

One project that Andy and I agreed to over this summer that has not happened yet was to renovate his grandma’s bath.  Between my surgery, Liam’s surgery (more on that later), and his grandma not feeling well, we never started it.  We hope to do it this fall on weekends when we can.  It’s going to be a full reno, but affordable reno.  I’m rather excited for this.  Andy and I love projects, especially when the money isn’t going to be coming out of our pockets.  We are broke right now so all of our home projects are currently on standby until we get our loans paid off.

I wanted to check out different options on creating mood boards easily.  In the past, I’ve created them using Photoshop but I’ve heard of online options that are a lot quicker.  I decided to check out Olioboard.  Below is the bath I’ve created for his grandma.  Overall, Olioboard definitely was quicker to compile than Photoshop but there were some issues with the white balance on the mirror and Olioboard trimming each item correctly.  However I do think this is a great (and free) option if you are wanting to make a mood board.  Very easy to use and they also have items already uploaded that you can add.

Back to the bathroom.  His grandparents have oak trim throughout the house and she’s not too keen on going modern or all white with the bath so I picked items that would compliment the oak trim and also satisfy her want list.

Here is a list of all the items:

$389 – Vanity – Allen + Roth at Lowes
$149 – Toilet – Kohler at Lowes
$250 – Tub – Lowes
$  50 – Floor tile – Marfil Chiaro at Lowes
$  98 – Light – Delta at Lowes
$  69 – Mirror – Allen + Roth at Lowes
$  35 – Shower Curtain – Kohls
$  50 – Paint – Timid Blue by Sherwin Williams

Total cost = $1,090

Of course the above costs do not include supplies like backer board or grout or accessories like towels or faucet but these are the bulk of the bathroom makeover.  We haven’t shown her this idea yet or gone shopping with them so here goes to a new adventure and hopefully time this fall that we can get this done for her.  I’m ready for a little demo and  renovation in my life.
Have you recently created a mood board? What application do you use to create one?  Any bath decorators out there?

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