Hey Mr. Blue Eyes

One thing (among many) that I am grateful Liam inherited was Andy’s blue eyes.  Just look at them.  Gaze into them.  It’s literally eye candy 😉

Liam and I recently had a picnic in our backyard.  Well I wouldn’t say it was a picnic as in there was no food, but there was a water cup, a blanket, Barkley, and a wooden toy truck.  Oh and grass and dirt.  The kid was not afraid to taste what Mother Nature had to offer.  I love his curious mind.

Barkley only lasted 2 minutes outside.  It was too hot for him and I was tired of him drooling all over the camera.

The sippy cup is a new thing for Liam.  We started it this past month. Month 7.  He finally has the hang of it.

And his daddy’s red hair.  Love this picture.

I look forward to fall so we can have a lot more moments outside and with leaves.  When is your favorite time for a picnic? Do you have backyard picnics often? What is your favorite spot for a picnic?

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