You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Who is Liam’s best friend.  I would like to say myself but sadly that is not true.  His best friend would be our loyal canine Barkley.  What’s sad is that I am actually third in Liam’s line-up.  First is Barkley, next is his dad and then it’s me.  I always thought baby boys were mama boys and baby girls were daddy girls.  For some reason this is not the case for Liam.  He adores Andy.  And really who can blame him.  I adore my husband but what is the most adorable thing is their bond. Liam is only 8 months old but can spot his dad’s voice the second he enters the house.  His face lights up every time he hears Andy’s voice or see’s Andy’s face.  It’s just plain adorable and melts my heart every.single.time.

Back to Barkley.  Our canine family member.  Liam’s favorite person.  Barkley is like our second child, our fourth family member.  I never had pets growing up.  Not counting the cat we took in when I was in 11th grade.  My mom grew up on a farm with goats, cattle, chicken, sheep and horses.   She hated it and vowed to never have a pet after that.  My dad is from a family with two older sisters and whose parents never allowed pets.  So even though my dad always wanted a dog, my mom would never let him.  Well when I married Andy, he would not stop talking about getting a dog.  I was apprehensive as I’ve never had a pet and was kinda scared of big dogs.  Like really scared.  So when my husband kept hounding me for a dog, I told him it had to be a little dog, none of those dogs that jump on you, shed, or drool all over your pants.  Well Andy somehow convinced me to get Barkley and since he doesn’t fit my criteria of a small dog that doesn’t shed or drool, my only stipulation was that we got him as a puppy so I could grow with him.  I mean I was terrified of big dogs.  Well now that Barkley is full grown at 110 pounds, I think he was the best decision we ever made.

I love that Liam will not be afraid of dogs like I was.  I love that Barkley protects Liam and protects our house.  I love that Barkley doesn’t nip or bite Liam when Liam pulls chunks of hair out trying to climb up him (which happens about 10 times a day).  I also just love that Barkley is there to be that play mate I desperately want for Liam since he currently doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.  And probably most of all, I love that both my children (Liam and Barkley) both know how to pause and smile for the camera.

So there it is, my rant on how great my dog is.  Do you guys have dogs?  Do they feel like a part of the family and not just a pet?

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