A Day in the Life

I’ve been on a little hiatus from this blog.  A co-worker recently asked me why I haven’t posted in awhile and truth is, I’ve been too busy.  Having ACL surgery really set me back.  Oh and having a 7 month old in the mix while recovering was a whole lot of stressful.  A couple weeks ago I wrote a recap to a typical day in our house while I was on a leave of absence from work.  I wanted to capture these days.  As much as I get frustrated, I wanted to be able to look back and learn from this experience.  I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and most of the time the reason is for you to grow as an individual through learning from past experiences.  I’m still recovering from surgery but I’ve come a long way since day one and I’ve learned a lot about myself on the way.  So here goes, a recap of the Whipp house about 2 weeks post surgery.

6:30 am – Liam wakes.  Andy goes to bring him to our bedroom to play on the bed until we can find motivation to get up (or until Liam starts crying for a bottle).

7:00 am – Liam is hungry.  Andy carries Liam downstairs (I’m still on crutches).

7:15 am – I get myself ice and wrap my knee while Andy prepares Liam’s bottle.  I feed Liam while I ice for 20 minutes.  Andy get’s breakfast and a cup of coffee.  We watch the Today show.

8:00 am – Liam is crawling and pulling himself up on everything in sight.  I start doing my morning physical therapy exercises.  Andy stays close as I can yet do a forward leg lift on my own and I need his help.  I continue with exercises while Andy cleans up the kitchen, feeds Barkley.

8:20 am – I am still doing exercises.  Liam starts to crawl for the brick fireplace.  I stop exercises and pull him back.  He continues to want to crawl over there.  I yell for Andy to come get him and put him in his port a crib.

8:45 am – I finish exercising and ice my knee

9:00 am – Andy takes Liam and Barkley for a morning walk.  I watch from the window and get something to eat.

9:30 am – Andy, Liam and Barkley are back from there walk.  Liam is asleep.  I get a shower.

10:00 am – where’s my Vicodin?

10:15 am – Vicodin makes me drowsy.  I take a nap.

11:00 am – Liam wakes up from his morning nap.  I wake up.  Andy prepares his food (oatmeal and sweet potatoes).  I feed Liam in his high chair.

11:30 am – Andy and I make lunch.  A PB & J for Andy and leftovers for me.  I’m not a sandwich person.

11:45 am – Andy and I play with Liam on the floor while we check emails (Andy prepares his class’ website for school that starts in a month).

1:00 pm – Liam is ready for his afternoon nap.  Andy takes him upstairs to nap. I ice my knee.

1:20 pm – I log onto the computer to check out some blogs (Bower Power that’s you) and facebook.

1:45 pm – I’m feeling pain.  Did I leave the Vicodin bottle upstairs?  I take 15 minutes to crutch around the house to find it.

2:00 pm – I found the Vicodin.  Andy is outside throwing the ball with Barkley and starts to do yard work and cut the grass.

2:15 pm – I start to get drowsy from the pain meds.

4:00 pm – Liam and I both wake up from the nap.  I go in there to change his diaper and call for Andy to come get him.  I go downstairs to make his bottle and feed him.

5:00 pm – I play with Liam on the floor and constantly grab Liam’s toys away from Barkley.

6 pm to 7:30 pm – We play with Liam, make ourselves dinner, sit outside (only about 5 minutes for me as sitting in a chair still was painful).

7:30 pm – Andy gives Liam a bath, feeds him his last bottle for the day and puts him down.  I’m downstairs doing physical therapy exercises.

9:00 pm – Andy and I both joke about going to bed.  I ice my knee.

9 pm to midnight – Andy and I sit in the sun room and watch Friday Night Lights and discuss how Julie Taylor is not making the best decisions in life and wishing Tim Riggins would come back.

Midnight – we finally go to bed, after taking a Vicodin.  We sit in bed and ponder about the day realizing we got nothing done.  We say I love you and lights out.

I’ve recorded this day and have yet posted it.  Having surgery and being on crutches with a baby has been very difficult, both emotionally and physically.  I wasn’t able to carry or pick up Liam as I was on crutches and had to keep my leg straight 24/7.  The brace is extremely uncomfortable and even worse sleeping in it.  Worse part though was trying to hold my arms out for Liam to come to me and he wanted nothing to do with it.  He knew I was immobile and he is constantly wanting to move. I got so upset about this.  Liam and I had such a strong bond before surgery and now that it’s two weeks post surgery and I still can’t carry him around, our relationship has changed.  I wasn’t the one always there to comfort him when he fell down.  Mainly because it would have taken me 15 minutes to get anywhere in our house on crutches.  It really devastated me.  I cried about it, prayed about it and came to the conclusion that I just had to work on getting better.

I tell Andy that it was a good time for me to get surgery because having Liam and a strong desire to take care of him again has led me to keep up with my physical therapy exercises.  I’ve done everything the doctors have told me.  I’ve met all my weekly goals and I’m focused on healing and getting things back the way they use to be.

I’m currently 6 weeks post surgery and doing great.  I still wear the brace but the therapist unlocked it to 30 degrees last week so that I can bend my knee when walking.  I’m no longer on crutches (those stopped at the end of week 4) so I can carry Liam around and do those parenting tasks like put him to bed.  It has helped me feeling more like a mother but I am still anxious to get back to walking without the brace and being able to take Liam to the grocery with me or on a walk in the park.  Fall is coming and I so desperately long for a walk with my family in the park. Oh please Lord keep me motivated to heal for a walk in the park.

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