March Photo Dump

This month was all about the babies.  I had two baby showers and it felt like half the people there were pregnant or had a young one under the age of five.  This month was also Easter.  The week before I was still on maternity leave and Andy’s sister Lyndsey was up from TN with the kids.  It was awesome to meet up with them and go shopping and to the children’s museum.  I enjoyed that week so much.  We celebrated Easter with some egg decorating and a bunch of food and family.

Oh and check out this gorgeous girl.  She’s my cousins kid and she just will wish you had a girl.  Gorgeous.

All of Andy’s friends have kids, some even have baby #2 on the way.  So during a get together, we decided to line the kids up.  Just so happened we lined them up by age.  I love that Tyler is just playing with Liam’s head.  He actually did that during our first play date together and I guess he wanted more.

Ahh rough life of a five year old.  No shirt, no shoes and no cake.

Josey, love this girl to death.  Her personality, funk and hair all make me go gaga.  And she loves animals.  Barkley is growing on her (it takes time for kids to like Barkley, I mean how would you like a dog that is 10 times your size) and her affection towards him melts my heart.  I am so blessed to know this little girl.

I only hope Liam is this affectionate with me one day.  melt. my. heart.

Watching my brothers be an uncle is just so amazing.  Not that I didn’t know they wouldn’t be great dads but baby’s aren’t really something guys go goo goo over and seeing them just want to play with Liam and take care of him is another heart melting moment

And on Easter Sunday we did manage a family photo.  First one with all of us (aka Barkley).

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