Indoor/Outdoor Sectional Reveal

All we needed was a little family get together to get our butts in motion.  We started this sectional project for our sunroom weeks ago and with a baby in the picture, it’s taking us a little longer than anticipated.  We had scheduled Liam to get baptized this past Sunday so our goal was to get the sectional finished before then.  All week Andy or I (or both when Liam went to bed) were out there sanding, priming, painting working hard to get it done.  I also don’t have any pictures of the process since I left my camera at my parents house at Easter but you can see in this post how we built the thing using the Ana White design.

Here’s where we left off.

And here is the finished product.

Three words: I LOVE IT!  I say these words a lot when I do projects but this project I am super proud of Andy and I.  There are so many times during a long project where you just want to be done with it and take the easy road out but we stuck it out and really built this thing right.  We first covered the frame with bead board.  We then added some two inch trim around the base to frame it in, sanded it and painted two coats of white semi-gloss paint.  Here’s a detail of the side.

Ignore the backs of the benches.  We still need to paint the back white.  Okay so I lied, this project isn’t 100% done but sometimes you just need to get it to that point where the only steps left are noticeable to you (and that guest with the detailed eye) and finish it another day.  The many nights working on this project exhausted us.  Here you can see the details of the bead board a little better and how we added two inch trim around the entire base.

As for the rest of the sunroom, we moved our tv out there, which resulted Andy convincing me we needed a bigger tv for our family room (that update coming soon).  The wish list for this room includes some new floor (maybe a laminate wood or tile option, still debating this with the man in my life), bamboo blinds, a small pedestal table and maybe an ottoman.  All with due time.  Also, the pillows were a recent purchase from HomeGoods and TJMaxx.

So what do you think?  This is my new favorite spring/summer spot.  When all the windows are open there is a good breeze and it feels amazing.

Here’s a budget breakdown since I totally forgot to add one.

-cushions $750 (we bought these from the Frontgate Outlet in Cincinnati)
-wood (2×4’s) $150
total cost = $900

This is pretty pricy for a DIY sectional but the fact of the matter was that we wanted something that could withstand time and something comfortable.  We looked at sectionals before building this one and determined that we would have to drop $1k no matter what to get what we wanted.  To compare, here is the Palermo sectional from Frontgate that these cushions actually go with priced for $3,500.  We also looked at sectionals at Overstock, Pottery Barn and even Target to compare prices before we started this venture and I knew I didn’t want something dark and knew that I wanted some good cushions that would be comfortable enough for those summer nap sessions.  Overall, we knew this would cost us around $1k.  Sometimes DIY isn’t all about saving money or going the cheap route, it’s about creating something you want that no one sells.

6 thoughts on “Indoor/Outdoor Sectional Reveal

  1. We got them at the Frontgate Outlet in West Chester, OH. They were a little pricey but overall this sectional was cheaper than buying a new one from pottery barn or the like.

  2. Thanks. It really did turn out well. We bought the cushions from the Frontgate Outlet in West Chester, OH. We actually bought the cushions first before we started building so that we could customize the size of the sectional to fit the cushions.

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