Liam at 3 months

Time is flying by.  Liam is growing like a weed and amazes me daily.  He is already 3 months and the thought brings tears to my eyes thinking about how much I’ve enjoyed these last three months of being a stay at home mom.  To be able to comfort my son every time he sheds a tear makes me feel loved.  To be able to nurse him for as long as I have makes me feel like a mother.  To see his smile every morning I walk in his room makes my heart melt.  And to wake up every morning at 8 am makes me feel rested.  That last one may be one of the biggest blessings.  Liam is sleeping 8-9 hours a night and I feel like a new woman.  The last time I saw 8 consecutive hours was my second trimester (hello last July).  Once fall hit last year, I was extremely uncomfortable all the time.  Liam’s first 6 weeks of life also kept me awake.  The kid woke up every 2 hours.  I never saw more than one consecutive hour of sleep.  Then something switched and he started sleeping four, then five, then six and then eight hours and I was renewed.

At thirteen weeks, Liam is talking, grabbing and growing out of control.  We didn’t have a well visit this month, we will at four months.  I tried to weigh him (aka I stepped on the scale with him, then weighed myself and did the math) and my guesstimate is about 14 pounds.  His hair is starting to grow back.  I wish it would grow back faster.  I like to spike it up after bath time.  Then I hand him off to dad and dad pushes it back down.  It’s an ongoing feud.

Liam is also challenging me this month to become a better photographer.  Every time I put my camera or phone in front of him to take a picture, he just stares at it.  It’s nearly impossible to get a picture of him smiling.  I love his stares though.  It makes me want to just lay beside him and gaze into his eyes all day, which is what my days consist of now.  I only have a few left before I go back to work and I want to make sure I spend all of them with him.  I loved having the opportunity I did to stay at home with him for his first few months of life and I will probably ball my eyes out when I do go back, but for now, I have his gazes.

Here is his 13 week photo as well as the other weeks photos below.

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