It’s Time to Build Something

Spring is here and we are so excited to get outdoors.  We’ve been extra couped-up this winter due to Liam being a newborn and the dreaded flu season.  But according to the calendar, spring is here!  Although it still looks and feels like winter outside.  I feel like the Israelite’s on their journey to the Promised Land.  When we will get there?  p.s. has anyone else been obsessed with the Bible series on the History Channel? Check it out, it’s worth watching.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  Spring.  We have this sun room.  You remember it.

Until this last weekend it was empty.  We have big plans for this room.  There is a heating/AC unit so the room can be used year-round if we wanted too.  Also, all sides of the room have these huge windows that open up and we can’t wait to get out there and just let the breeze flow through the room and not worry about bugs or sun.  We are fair skinned people whose backyard is the woods.  So the idea of being outside but not getting eaten alive or sun burnt is very exciting to us.

After hours of online shopping one night looking for couches, daybeds or sectionals for the room, we decided to explore the route of making a sectional.  The outdoor sectionals in stores are crazy expensive and we frankly just didn’t see anything we liked.  Plus, for our birthdays (Andy and my birthday are a day apart…I know, crazy), my family gave us an amazing tool set that included a circular saw, jig saw and a cordless drill.  Our cordless drill and jig saw were stolen last year and we have yet to replace it so this gift was super exciting for us.  So like every furniture building adventure, we started by browsing Ana White’s website and came across these plans.  Of course we wanted to make some modifications.

We started by first shopping for cushions.  Frontgate opened up an outlet store not far from us so we decided to check there first.  We ended up finding cushions there.  They did cost us a pretty penny but these cushions are thick and durable.  We figured if we are going to do this, to do it right.  Plus the goal is to keep the project under $1k, which is what we would have spent on just one couch.  The reason we purchased the cushions before we began was so we would know the dimensions of the sectional.  I won’t go into too many details on how we built this since we literally followed Ana White’s plans, just modified measurements.  Here is the sectional after a Saturday and Sunday evening of work.

The most important step that we did was to secure the 2 x 4’s with pocket screws using our favorite tool, the Kreg Jig.  Google it.  It will change your life.  A few things we did different from Ana’s design:

-we used 2 x 4’s for all the wood just for that added support and to make the piece heavier so it wouldn’t move when someone scooted back.
-we made an individual piece for each cushion.  We one day want to replace the floor and moving a whole sectional would be miserable
-we added a base for the seats because we want to enclose the sectional in beadboard when we are done instead of keeping it open at the bottom

Here is a sneak peak of the sectional and the cushions we found.

Up next, install bead board around the bottom to make it look more custom and built-in, sand and then paint.  Our personal goal is to finish this by April 7th in time for Liam’s baptism but if this weather keeps cold, it may delay us.  We really aren’t wanting to sand in the sun room (cleanup on that carpet would be miserable) but that may be our only option.

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