Paint Chronicles – Foyer

We’ve been on the go trying to choose paint colors for the first floor to make this house our own.  Andy suggested we start with the entry way.  It’s by far the smallest room in the house (besides the laundry room). Andy was actually in charge of this room.  I just had Liam and paint color was not on my mind.  We started by getting a color wheel at Sherwin Williams that we could take home and hold up different colors in the light.  We started with three colors and went and got samples.  First a reminder of what we started with.

We picked three colors and put them on the wall, let them dry and then came back to evaluate.

We immediately eliminated the color on the right.  It was too blue for the entry way.  We couldn’t decide on the other two so luckily the sample containers from Sherwin Williams are quite large so Andy decided to paint each side of the front door.

After both colors dried, we evaluated it again.  We didn’t really like either color.  Too blue and not as much gray undertone we were going for.  Luckily we had the Sherwin Williams color wheel and started to pick new shades of the same color.  We decided on the color called Online.  We foregone the sample and went straight to getting the gallon of paint we needed.  We spent all weekend trying to figure out the perfect color we were exhausted and decided to just pick one and roll with it.  Good news is that we absolutely love it.  It has that gray undertone that we love and it contrasts well with the wood floors and the white spindles and white door.  We also went with a matte finish.  We love the matte finish.  It’s subtle, not glossy and right up our alley.  Here is the finished foyer.

Sometimes with paint colors you just need to make a decision and go with it.  The foyer turned out so well that it gave us motivation to get started on the other parts of the house.  We eventually want to add casings to the doorways on the first floor but for now, we just painted the inside of the doorways white to give it a more finished look.

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