Trimming It Out

I started adding trim to our dining room.  I only bought one piece of trim from Lowes to test it out.  The cost of one 8 foot piece was about $3.  I was really nervous about installing it.  We don’t own a nail gun and I wasn’t sure I wanted to rent one just for one piece of trim.  I started by measuring out the room and deciding how many squares of trim I wanted on each wall.  I decided on four inches of trim between the base board, chair rail and each box.  This helped me determine how big each box would be.  I started with the main wall.  It measured 139 inches long.  I took into account that I wanted four inches from each wall and between each box and I wanted five boxes, which equates to 24 inches needed for spacing.  139-24 = 115 divided by 5 boxes equals 23 inch wide boxes.  I did the same for measuring from the base boards to the chair rail.  Here is a good tutorial on measuring.

Here is the test drive wall.  The finish nails that I used were rather easy to hammer in without a nail gun so I don’t think we will be renting or buying a nail gun for this project.  Now crown molding we plan to add to rooms in the future, hello nail gun.

I love the finished look that this trim gives the room.  As you can see from the picture above, we still need to caulk the nail holes and corners and paint but I’m waiting until I get all the paneling up to do that.
1 panel down, 12 more to go.

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