Feeding Birds

I’m ready for spring.  Tired of being cooped up in a house.  I want to take Liam on walks outside.  I want flowers and leaves.  Our backyard has many large trees and they are all so bare right now.  I can’t wait to see color.  So after perusing through this month’s issue of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, I decided to add some color to our backyard.  On a side note, do you guys get the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine?  Snag one up next time you are in Lowe’s.  It contains so many great ideas, including making a winter bird feeder (see here).  I twisted the directions a little and made my own.  Here were my supplies:

I started by twisting the apples onto the screw.

I then twisted the screw into the wood plinth block using some pliers.  The plinth is a soft wood so it was fairly easy to screw into.

I then took the twine and tied a knot around the screw. I then tied a knot on the others side of the screw and went back and forth a couple of times so the twine covered the top part of the screw.  This will add extra support when I go to hang the apples.

And here is the finished product.  It was now time to find a spot to hang it.

Our backyard consists of very very tall trees whose branches start about 10 feet up.  Since I didn’t want to get a ladder to hang this, I chose a tree lining on our property on the left whose branches were reachable.


Once hung, I literally just stared out our window in the kitchen watching and hoping it would attract some birds.  I did find a squirrel enjoying it and ran to get my camera only to come back to him running away.

Since I had my camera in hand, I did some bird hunting and found this gorgeous cardinal.

Overall this bird feeder took me less than 5 minutes to make and I love seeing a pop of red when I look out or window.

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