Dining Room part 2 – Paint

We are continuing to make progress with our dining room transformation.  After a bunch of paint samples and debates with my husband, we finally agreed on a color I picked a color.  We didn’t agree but since I removed the wallpaper Andy was happy to just let me pick.  We ended up going with Valspar Filoli Carriage House for the top and Valspar’s Antique White in semi-gloss for the bottom.  I can honestly say though that I did none of the painting.  Andy is such a better painter than I am so I gladly obliged to baby duty while he painted away.  It only took him a few hours, trimming was the worst and longest part just because the wall was divided into two.

So here’s where we left off with the wallpaper removed.

And here it is after it was painted.  We also switched out all of the outlets for white instead of the yellow. The color is very interesting.  It’s definitely from the green family but has a gray undertone.  In some light it even has a blueish tint.  It’s a very hard color to photograph as you can tell it looks completely different in the two images below.

We are still wanting to add in wainscoting.  You can see the piece of trim I picked up from Lowe’s on the floor in the picture above.  And of course I want to add curtains and some art work and find another place for those chairs by the window, but all in good time.  Things definitely take longer with a newborn.

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