Liam turns 2 months

This past Sunday marked Liam’s two month birthday.  I can’t believe how fast those two months have gone.  And what is sad is that I only have two more months with him before I have to go back to my paying day job.  But oh how I have loved these past two months being able to stay at home with him, to snuggle with him, smell him and kiss him anytime I want.  This month Liam has become very responsive, both to people around him and with toys.  He smiles and giggles when you talk to him with an excited voice.  And the thing that melts your heart is when someone else is holding him and Andy or I approach and start talking to him, his eyes get big, he turns his head towards us and just smiles.  Oh to see him respond to our voice and know it is us just melts my heart.

He has grown a lot this month, two and half pounds to be exact.  That’s 40 ounces or a little over an ounce a day.  In the words of Kanye, “that’s cray”.  If only I lost the same amount of weight as he gained. The biggest change Liam experienced this month, besides jumping up to a new diaper size, is his responses to sound and objects.  As he lays on the floor playing with his little mat, I can just see his brain working.  I also know his brain is working because after about 10 minutes of playing on the mat, he gets overload and starts crying so I cradle him and within 2 seconds he is in a deep sleep.  I find it the most interesting thing.

Also this month was the milestone of him sleeping 7-8 hours straight at night.  So far he has been getting this much sleep for a week and I’m hoping our luck continues.  I am still breastfeeding him but I mostly just pump and give him bottles.  I do nurse once in the morning and sometimes once during the day.  We also started him on a bottle of formula at 10 pm, which has been the main contributing factor for him sleeping through the night.  He still wakes up between 3 and 4 am but his eyes are still closed and I just give him back his pacifier and rub his forehead and he falls right back asleep until 6 or 6:30.  It’s been pretty amazing.  I feel like a whole new person.  I mean that first month he would only let me sleep for an hour at a time and there were many times I questioned whether it would get any better and boy how this second month was a whole turn around.  I am well rested and enjoying this whole being a mom thing so much!

Liam had his two month well visit yesterday as well.  He weighs 12 pounds exactly and is 22 and 7/8 inches long.  As the doctor was checking all the normal things, she placed Liam on his stomach and he rolled over! I was in shock.  He amazes me everyday and I just know he’s going to grow up so fast and it breaks my heart a little.  That is why I am enjoying this time I have at home with him while I have it.  Looking back over this time Liam has been in my life, I’ve learned to love deeper than I have ever before.  I am extremely blessed to have the family God has given me.  I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and now a son whose eyes brighten when he hears my voice.  I am so grateful to experience this kind of love and give it in return.  I’ve always known how much God loves me.  We say it all the time, he gave his only son so that we may live.  But sometimes I think people say this and not really think about it. Now that I have a son, I imagine what it would be like to give up my son so others that I love could live and it really changes my heart and shows me what it really means to love, and for that I am thankful.

So here’s my little man’s two month photo and his one month and one week photo for comparison.  I love that he’s starting to get baby rolls, it’s just more to kiss. 🙂

Also this month, I made a video of him, just him laying there looking at me, making noises.  I want to take more videos, same as my New Year’s resolution to take more photos.  I want to always remember Liam in this stage of his life so I’m starting the new tradition of a monthly video of him just doing his thing.  Only thing is, I now realize I need a better video camera.  The video was shot with my DSLR and it’s very grainy and I don’t like it.

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