Dining Room part 1 – Wallpaper Removal

We started on our dining room makeover last week.  Remember that list I made to hold me accountable?  I wasted no time with the pantry makeover but since then have really been on a stand still.  Well now that Andy is done coaching basketball, I decided it was time to tackle some bigger projects.  It’s hard during the day to get the time to get stuff done with Liam requiring a lot of attention but when there are two of us here, one of us is on Liam duty while the other paints, primes, etc.

So here is our dining room before.  I hated the wall color.  It was like a brownish orange color and to top it all off, that border had to go.

So I got some tools ready, cleared the room and got to work on removing the wallpaper border.  I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was.  I discovered a little trick during removal that really helped speed things up.  So here’s the process I went through to remove wallpaper.

First I peeled off the outer layer of paper (the part with the flowers on it).  I simply found a spot where it was starting to peel away from the wall and just used my fingers to tear it off.

I then sprayed the adhesive under layer with half parts hot water and half parts fabric softener.  I let it soak for a good 1-2 minutes then just took my wallpaper scraper and scraped the adhesive off.  It came off so easy and in strips which made for an easier cleanup.


I was able to do the whole dining room in less than 2 hours.  And the nice part about this was that the fabric softener solution wasn’t harmful to Liam, who was sleeping in the next room.  I don’t know where I came across the whole fabric softener mix but it works so well.

Our plans for the dining room includes wainscoting, some fresh paint and curtains.  Centsational Girl has a great tutorial on picture frame wainscoting that makes it look pretty easy, so we are going to try her method. Next up, finding a paint color.

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