January Photo Dump

One of my new years resolutions, besides losing this muffin top from pregnancy, is to take more photos.  I have a DSLR that I got last year as a birthday, valentine and Christmas gift and I’ve been learning how to take better photos and shoot in manual ever since.  Not only will taking more photos will help me learn my camera but frankly, we need more photos as a family.  So as a way to hold me accountable, I’m highlighting these past month photos in this blog post.
January was a quiet month.  Having a newborn in the middle of flu season doesn’t really provide for much opportunity to get out.  So there were many, many photo shoots with my little one here in the house.  I love sneaking up on Liam when he sleeps to just watch him.  This particular time he wasn’t sleeping and caught me.

Not only do I love to see his face when Liam has to burp (the kid hates burping, or rather hates when we take the milk away) but this picture captures his hair loss on the top of his head and how for the whole month of January he looked like an old man, and in this case, an angry old man.

Nothing like catching your husband and child sleeping together.  There was a lot of that happening this month.  I love that Andy snuggles with him like this.  It’s too precious.

Barkley has had a lot of jealousy this month.  With Liam requiring so much of mine and Andy’s attention, Barkley has cried when we block him off from certain rooms or when Andy walks in the door from work and wants to go see Liam, Barkley runs over and tries to get Andy to pet him by walking through his legs or taking his hand.  I feel bad for Barkley at times but once it gets warmer out too we can start to walk him again.  As for Barkley’s behavior with Liam, he’s doing really well.  He doesn’t try to play with him which is good, just the occasional licking of the hands or smelling of the diaper, typical dog stuff.

Here’s another picture of that old man hairstyle.  This picture also really shows how Liam’s hair color is the same as his daddy’s. Man I miss that thick hair, it has all fallen out now and just starting to come back in.

What is more precious than this? Maybe the only thing is the fact that they both slept for 4 hours like this.

Barkley loves to wrestle with any male that enters our house.  I don’t know why only males, but I am thankful for that.

In January, we celebrated 3 birthdays, my dads, Jessica’s and Corey’s.

My family’s new obsession is this game, Blokus.  It’s for all those tetris fans.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Liam always makes this face with the big eyes when he has to burp.  It’s like his eyes are saying “watch out people, it’s coming”.

Liam has had many faces this month and I’ve tried to capture them all.

Also this month Liam was introduced to this toy play mat that he loves.  He will focus on this toy for a good 15 minutes and then it’s brain overload for him and he needs a nap.

Anyone do anything fun this past month? Can you tell we were homebodies?  Hoping February brings some warmer weather so we can get out a little.

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